Danna Palacio in: Dana Palacio

TSGirls: Danna Palacio

Hello transsexual fans! Today we bring you not only another Trans500 update but we bring you another Super Ramon episode! Our beautiful Dana Palacio is laying back at her house watching her favorite cock on the internet. Who else but Super Ramon? She just loves herself some Ramon cock! So much so that she is jerking herself to that big monster! She has an appointment today with him so she can get her English lessons in. With her best intentions she tries to control herself but can't once the Super Ramon is on the scene! From English teaching to teaching that tranny ass a lesson. Super Ramon knows what's up when there's a tranny asking for a pounding! Watch him get right to it and show that transsexual ass who's boss. Let's welcome back our lovely Dana Palacio in "Teachin For Sum Ass" "

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